South Sudan National Football Team

The SSNFT or South Sudan National Football Team signifies the country of South Sudan in the worldwide association football. South Sudan National Football team is controlled and handles by the SSFA or South Sudan Football Association; it is the prevailing organization in this sport in South Sudan.

History of South Sudan National Football Team

On Many 25, 2011, Dr. Sally Samuel Lolako was chosen to govern and manage the national football team. South Sudan National Football team original world fixture was owed to be opposed the football national team of Kenya on July 10, 2011 as portion of the nation’s celebrations of their independence. On the other hands, in that event the hostility was given through Tusker FC of the Premier League of Kenya, alongside the first world match of the South Sudan National Basketball team as well. The fixture was held at the Stadium of Juba. The team of South Sudan scored in ten minutes, on the other hand, later they conceded 3 goals in a three is to one defeat. South Sudan National Football Team was admitted officially as a member of CAF on February 10, 2012, at the thirty fourth Ordinary General Assembly held in Gabon specifically in Libreville. The South Sudan Football team acknowledged as a member of the Federation of International Football Association on May 25 2012 at the 2nd season of the sixty second FIFA Congress held in Budapest, Hungary.

On July 10, 2012, South Sudan National Football team vie in its primary full world match. This international match is a friendly game opposed to the national football team of Uganda held in Juba. The fight ended in a draw with a score of 2-2, with Richard Justin Lado and James Moga is scoring for the team of South Sudan. This is a very memorable fight for South Sudan National Football Team as it is resulted them to get the 199th place in the Federation of International Football Association rankings. This is a remarkable breakthrough in Sudan’s football team.

The players of South Sudan National Football team tool their part in the first ever world football matches the time the team took part in the CECAFA Cup held in Uganda in the year 2012. The team were drawn in the Group A together with Kenya, Ethiopia and game country hosts Uganda. South Sudan national team played the first fight against Ethiopia, sad to say they lose the game in the score of 1-0 by the goal of Yonathan Kebede. In the next fight, the team lost against Kenya with a score of 2-0. The final fight saw them undergo the biggest defeat every in world football match to record, they loss to host country Uganda with a score of 4-0 with Hamis Kizza, Robert Ssentongo and Brian Umony scoring for the Uganda national football team.

In worldwide football, players could usually play for only one team, if they play in all and part of some fight determined as a full intercontinental by Federation of International Football Association. On the other hand, the exception is ended in events wherein one or many freshly independent countries are made out of previous country. Based on existing ruled imposed by FIFA, a football player will be qualify to play for SS Football Team, although he had represented Sudan and any other nations in past match, when at least any of the statement applies:

  • The players were born and grow up in Sudan
  • The player has lived in the country constantly for two years
  • One of the parents or grandparent lived or born in the country

South Sudan National Football Current Team

On the other hand, the time South Sudan gained their independence, a mainstream of the skilled and expert players of Sudan were playing in NS league, most particularly captain Roy Gulwak, Richard Justin Lado as well as Athir Thoma. All are expert and renowned football player of South Sudan before. On the other hand, they became qualify to play for the national team of South Sudan the moment some of them relocated or transfer to South Sudan, at the same time James Moga relocated to India in Pune F.C. The following football players have been informed for the coming Africa Cup of Nations Qualification.


South Sudan National Football team won many championships. They grab championship in the 1980, 2006 as well as 2007 CECAFA cup. In 1990, 1996 and 2013 CECAFA the team gets the runner up position and got the third place in 1996 and 2004 CECAFA cup. South Sudan National Football Team also got the third place in the 1975 Palestine Cup of Nations. They also won the 2009 Harmony Cup. Sudan entered 2 football teams in the said tournament.


The following international footballer of South Sudan also participated for the country before the nation’s independence:

  • James Morga: Played as South Sudan’s National Team forward. He also played for 2002 FIFA World Cup Qualifications as well as 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification. He also played fourteen fights and scored 3 goals.
  • Athir Thomas: he played as South Sudan’s National Football team defender prior the country’s independence.
  • Richard Justin Lado: Professional and skilled defender in Khartoum 3 club football and also played for SSNFT between the years 2008 to 2012.
  • Khamis Martin: He played one world match for South Sudan in year 2010.
  • Roy Gulwak: Experienced goalkeeping and represented South Sudan in 2 2010 Federal Football International Association World Cup Qualification fights in year 2009, he concedes two goals.

Important Considerations about Coaches

  • Malesh Soro was the first South Sudan National Football team manager on the other hand Melesh never handles the national team for any game
  • Dordevic was the coach of SSNFT during the opening match vs. Uganda as well as handle the team in the CECAFA Cup in 2012
  • Balanga was Sudan’s Coach during the CECAFA Cup 2013 campaign
  • Samuel Lolako was caretaker manager for the March 14 friendly match against Botswana.
  • Elva Wako is the present manager of South Sudan National Football team